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The proof is in the pictures. See just a few of the thousands of patients we've helped up to now. You'll be amazed at the transformation our patients have experienced from undergoing facial and body contouring treatments. You'll be able to see more at your consultation.

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Masters of Surgery

Dr. Ronald Levine is one of the most distinguished and reputable board certified plastic surgeons in Toronto. In addition to his impressive credentials, he also possesses an MDCM (Medicinae Doctor et Chirurgiae Magister). Dr. Levine is the only plastic surgeon in the city to be a "doctor of medicine and master of surgery".

The surgical techniques Dr. Levine applies are based on the over 30 years he has been in practice. Unlike other surgeons, he routinely conducts research on a variety of procedures focused on body contouring, namely breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction. He does this to further refine his surgical expertise in an effort to offer you: a safer experience, the least amount of downtime and the most effective methods to fully achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Levine's research findings have even revolutionized the plastic surgery field. As such, he is held in high esteem by not just his patients, but also fellow plastic surgeons.

Dr. Levine is a Full Professor at the University of Toronto, where he has taught hundreds of aspiring surgeons. Have you heard about bloodless breast augmentation and other such advanced surgical techniques that minimize trauma and obtain optimal results? Dr. Levine is actually the one who taught many prominent plastic surgeons in Toronto how to do them!

Dr Ronald Levine and Dr Sybil Judah at Harmony Cosmetic, a plastic surgery clinic in Toronto, Ontario.

Treating the female genitalia requires profound knowledge and expertise of the area. To provide you with the highest standard of care, we have teamed up with Dr. Sybil Judah. Dr. Judah has been a board certified OBGYN for almost 30 years. She performs the female genital refinement procedures at Harmony Cosmetic, specifically labiaplasty and vaginal tightening. Dr. Judah is also a doctor of medicine and master of surgery.

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