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If you aren’t happy with your appearance, do something about it. You have the freedom to choose a safe and effective treatment that will fix the aesthetic problems you have with your face and body. Get larger breasts, eliminate unwanted fat, wipe away wrinkles and do much more — you’ll love how you look, and so will others! Harmony Cosmetic gives you the ability to realize your dreams. Just pick from the treatments below.
Breast Augmentation - Harmony Cosmetic Dr. Ronald Levine - Toronto

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift - Harmony Cosmetic Dr. Ronald Levine - Toronto

Breast Lift

Mommy Makeover - Harmony Cosmetic Dr. Ronald Levine - Toronto

Mommy Makeover

Tummy Tuck - Harmony Cosmetic Dr. Ronald Levine - Toronto

Tummy Tuck

Liposuction - Harmony Cosmetic Dr. Ronald Levine - Toronto


Brazilian Butt Lift - Harmony Cosmetic Dr. Ronald Levine - Toronto

Brazilian Buttock Lift

Masters Of Cosmetic Surgery

Harmony Cosmetic was founded by master surgeons and educators who are world renowned in their specific fields. Our cosmetic surgery practice is based on a unique concept: we enhance the natural beauty of your body and make what you envision a reality. We do this with refined techniques that we’ve actually researched to prove their effectiveness and safety. The goal for our surgeons is to create results that complement your look without making it look you’ve had work done.

Dr. Ronald Levine

Master of Plastic Surgery

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ronald Levine is one of the most distinguished and reputable board certified plastic surgeons in Toronto. In addition to his impressive credentials, he is a full professor at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Sybil Judah


Treating the female genitalia requires profound knowledge and expertise of the area. To provide you with the highest standard of care, we have teamed up with Dr. Sybil Judah. Dr. Judah has been a board certified OBGYN for almost 30 years. She performs the female genital refinement procedures at Harmony Cosmetic, specifically labiaplasty and vaginal tightening. Dr. Judah is also a doctor of medicine and master of surgery.

Elisha Hodge

Medical Esthetic Practitioner Nurse

Elisha is a Medical Esthetic Practitioner Nurse with 20 years of nursing experience plus 10+ years of nursing focused post-degree education.
She began her career in Emergency and Critical Care and continued to specialize in Cardiology, Mental Health, Nephrology, Dialysis Nursing, IV Phlebotomy and IV Transfusion.

Her primary practice has been in Medical Esthetics where she graduated with High Honors with a 4.3GPA, chronic pain management and primary care.

Elisha Hodge - Medical Esthetic Practitioner Nurse
“I received a magazine with varies plastic surgeons featured in it. Since I was interested in doing some plastic surgery myself, I decided to do some consultations.
I was not really impressed when I met the doctors that I read about in the magazine. When I started doing more research I discovered that plastic surgeons usually finish school at approximately 30 years old, and work as junior surgeons for 5 years before they can perform surgery on their own. After doing consultations with them, I feel like they don’t have enough experience. Most clinics that I walked into seemed very glamorous but that wasn’t important to me, I was looking for experienced surgeons and good results.
I am a business owner and laser technician. I have met a few clients who have done surgery with Dr. Levine and was impressed so I booked a consultation with him. When I walked into his clinic I felt like I was walking into a real doctors clinic.
Dr. Levine looks very confident and you can tell he loves what he does. He is very honest and straight forward and really cares about his patients. I booked surgery with him for a Brazilian but lift and tummy tuck and am very happy with my results. The scar isn’t noticeable and my bum looks very natural. After that I had a breast lift. He did great! I recommend him to my clients and everyone!”

From Rate MDs

“I did consultations with 4 different doctors before I met Dr. Levine. When I met Dr. Levine, I liked him right away! He was very honest and straight forward. I booked my surgery after 3 weeks for a Tummy tuck and Brazilian but lift. He performed surgery for me in September of 2014. He did a great job! The scar is not noticeable and my bum looks very natural. After one year I decided to do another surgery for a Breast lift. He did a great job! I am 49 years old and my breasts look nice and perky like an 18 year old!
This is the first time in my life that I have ever written a comment. I decided to write a comment because I think Dr. Levine is an amazing doctor with great experience. I think sometimes people expect miracles. Before I did surgery with him, I read his comments. Other peoples comments did not effect my decision, I used my own judgement and I am glad I did! I am very happy!”

From Rate MDs

“Dr Levine is the best! I am beyond satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation! I wasn’t sure if I would be happy with the size I was getting but Dr Levine gave me the confidence and at the end this was the perfect size Dr Levine had picked for me!! I would highly recommend him for a breast augmentation.”

Neeka Morra
From Google Reviews

“Had a breast aug with Dr. Levine. Best decision of my life! They are amazing and I am a 110% satisfied customer. I have been to several other surgeons in Canada and the states, and he is by far the best, hands down. No one has more experience or education than him. I live in BC and will absolutely fly in for my next procedure, he’s worth it.”

Melissa B
From Google Reviews

“I had a truly great experience! Dr. Levine is very very talented, professional, and took the time to answer all of my questions. I’m pleased with my results and would highly recommend him.”

Reanna Schouten
From Google Reviews

“I first met with Dr. Levine in late September for butt implants. He quickly explained the risks of implants and the better treatment option for me and my body. Dr. Levine was extremely informative and has good bed side manners. He took the time to answer my million questions and not once did I feel rushed, or like I was wasting his time. Christy his office receptionist is amazing!!

Thank you so much Dr.Levine and your entire team!!”

hollie dearsley
From Google Reviews

“I have been going to Dr. Levine for years as I have skin cancer. He is always very patient, thorough, diligent, and professional. You know you are in the right hands when you go to Dr. Levine! His office staff are also very friendly, well organized, and patient-care focused. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Levine to my family and friends.”

Brenda Glover
From Google Reviews

“I just completed my second breast augmentation with Dr.Levine. The first one was incredible and exactly what I dreamed about for so long. I had three children and they were still looking incredible!! If it wasn’t for one being encapsulated the first set would have lasted me a lifetime! This time around they look even better (if that’s possible!). I am so incredibly happy with the whole experience every time I visit the office. Christy is such a warm and welcoming person and Dr.Levine is very knowledgeable, direct and skilled. Many people have asked me for his reference and five friends and family members have had their own surgery done with rave reviews as well. Look no further!”

Kristin Dennis
From Google Reviews

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Breast Augmentation - Harmony Cosmetic Dr. Ronald Levine - Toronto

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