Toronto Liposuction

Firm Up Your Flabby Bits

Liposuction, or lipoplasty and liposculpture, is an outpatient procedure that slims and reshapes specific areas of the body. This is done by removing excess fat deposits, thereby improving body contours and proportion.

If you eat well, exercise regularly, are close to or at your ideal weight but can’t get rid of stubborn localized fat, then liposuction might be the solution.

Why get liposuction?

  • You have tried diet and exercise to rid your body of excess fat deposits but found that nothing works.
  • You have excess fat that you want to get rid of. This fat is on your body: arms, waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. It may also be on your chin and neck.
  • You want fast results that are proven to be safe.
Best Toronto Liposuction - Dr. Ronald Levine, Harmony Cosmetic
Contour and refine troublesome areas
Remove fat that is resistant to diet & excercise

Why Dr. Levine is the Master of Liposuction in Toronto

Smoother, firmer results and a more comfortable recovery

Dr. Levine applies surgical techniques and methods that are the safest and most effective for his patients. He selects these based on research, conducted not just by other surgeons but by himself as well. That’s why he uses Reston Foam Pads.

Reston Foam Pads are self-adhering, high density, open cell foam pads designed to protect skin from splints, casts and prostheses. When the foam is used in conjunction with a pressure garment or dressing on the treated areas, you experience 3 crucial benefits:

  1. There is less waviness of your skin surface after surgery. This is because free fat cells are redistributed evenly by the pressure of the foam. Your skin becomes smooth and supple appearance you were looking for.
  2. You’ll have a more comfortable recovery. The foam provides a bit of cushioning from the pressure applied by your garment or dressing. This pressure can sometimes be uncomfortable, and easing it a little minimizes post-operative tenderness.
  3. The combination of Reston foam and a pressure garment reduces post-operative bleeding and bruising. By stabilizing the skin’s surface, and underlying blood vessels, bruising occurs at a much lower severity than with a compression garment alone. This speeds up your recovery.

Only offers the gold standard of liposuction

Over the last 40 years, liposuction techniques have changed with innovations in technology. Today, the gold standard for traditional liposuction is the tumescent technique. In this technique, a large amount of diluted anesthesia is injected into the fat before liposuction, making it swell. This allows Dr. Levine a high degree of accuracy while performing your surgery. It also minimizes any post-surgical rippling of the skin for a smoother improvement. This particular technique also minimizes blood loss, bruising and post-operative soreness because of the type of fluid solution that’s injected into the fat before removal. Tumescent liposuction has been used world-wide to suction out large volumes of fat with minimal post-operative recovery. The fat removed from the body is virtually bloodless.

Using the tumescent technique also reduces the amount of anesthesia required in order for you to be comfortable during the procedure. Since the solution injected into the fat contains diluted anesthesia, less general anesthesia needs to be given, and having local anesthesia also becomes a possibility.

This is not say that Dr. Levine doesn’t perform other methods of liposuction, such as laser assisted (Smartlipo), ultrasonic assisted (UAL) and power assisted (PAL). However, he has found that tumescent achieves the most pleasing results.

Remember: it is the skill of the surgeon, not the method, that leads to a successful outcome. No matter what hype there is over a new technology, it’s all about the surgeon — and with over 30 years of experience performing liposuction with thousands of satisfied patients across the country and around the world, you can trust the expertis of Dr. Levine.

Liposuction Before & After

Liposuction Reviews

Had a breast aug with Dr. Levine. Best decision of my life! They are amazing and I am a 110% satisfied customer. I have been to several other surgeons in Canada and the states, and he is by far the best, hands down. No one has more experience or education than him. I live in BC and will absolutely fly in for my next procedure, he's worth it.

MelissaFrom Google Reviews

I had the pleasure of having a consult with Dr. Levine in October. After seeing his work on some of my friends. I decided to get a breast augmentation On November 4th. Best decision I have ever made!
He has excellent bedside manner. Answered everything I wanted to know, made the decision in what would best fit my body as I had a tiny frame.
After care, he had seen me a few times to make sure everything was settling alright.
Right after surgery scars were already very minimal. After 6 weeks they already look like almost nothing! Everyone who has seen them have said they are the best job they have every seen!
I would recommend %100 to do your procedure through Dr. levine

TraceyFrom Google Reviews

I've been to Dr. Levine on 2 separate occasions and I strongly recommend him to every one. I too went based on recommendations, he did breast augmentations on a few of my friends and the end result was beautiful so I decided to give him a try. He's pretty much the boob master. Dr. Levine is definitely an artist, professional and VERY honest. He'll be very upfront with you on whether something will look good or bad as he takes great pride in his work. He's had many years experience in the field and it honestly shows.

I'm a type 1 diabetic and he took extra care of me due to my condition. He made me feel safe, well taken care of and gave me fantastic results after my surgery. I trust him completely and wouldn't go to anyone else.

His secretary, Christy, is also amazing. She attentive, funny and very welcoming. My whole experience with Dr. Levine and his staff was fantastic and highly recommend him to everyone else.

Skillz0729From Google Reviews

Liposuction Costs


$3,100 – $6,000

Length of Surgery

30 mins – 3 Hours


Same Day

Back at Work

1 Week

Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get liposuction?

If you are at a stable weight and are healthy, but still have pockets of stubborn fat, then liposuction may be right for you. Ideally, you should be within 30% of your target weight, have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone.

What areas can I treat?

Liposuction may help you safely remove stubborn, unwanted fat deposits in your:

  • Neck and chin
  • Chest, for men and women
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Back
  • Hips and buttocks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Inner knee
  • Ankles

Can I get liposuction if I'm obese?

The results of your surgery, and its safety, will be better if you are at a stable and healthy weight. However, Dr. Levine assesses each patient individually, so even if you are obese you may still be a candidate.

Who is not right for liposuction?

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering liposuction:

  • It is not a treatment for obesity or weight issues.
  • It is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise.
  • It is not a treatment for cellulite.

If you are morbidly obese, suffer from severe depression, body dysmorphia, anorexia nervosa, bulimia or other eating disorders, or have severe health problems that could worsen after surgery, liposuction is not for you. Consult your primary care doctor for a health care plan that will assist you with these types of issues.

How much weight will I lose?

One of the most common things that patients believe is that liposuction is a way to lose weight. You may have researched liposuction and already possess a good deal of information about it. However, if you didn’t get your information directly from a licensed medical doctor, then that information may not be accurate. This is often the reason why many patients think that liposuction is a way to lose weight. Unfortunately, it is not. Liposuction will only eliminate the lumps and bulges of fat that are ruining your body contour. These fat pockets don’t weigh much, so what you’ll lose, at most, is a couple of pounds. You may not even notice a decrease in weight at all after surgery. Liposuction is just for body contouring — not weight loss.

Is liposuction healthy?

Research suggests that fat cells — particularly abdominal fat cells — are biologically active. If you think of fat as an endocrine organ or gland, it produces hormones and other substances that can profoundly affect your health. Excess body fat, especially subcutaneous fat around the stomach or abdomen, has been shown to disrupt the normal balance and functioning of the body’s hormones. Removing this subcutaneous fat may then be beneficial for your health.

What happens if I gain weight after my surgery?

Maintaining your weight after surgery will prolong your results, which is why ideal candidates are those who are at a stable weight before surgery. Sometimes, gaining weight is unavoidable, though. So, what will happen to your results?

Liposuction permanently removes existing fat from your body. Once those unwanted fat cells have been suctioned out, you’ll never get them back. However, the remaining fat cells in the treated area can still expand, affecting your results. Fortunately, you’ll always be leaner in the treated areas because there are fewer fat cells. In fact, even with additional weight gain after surgery, studies have shown that patients were still satisfied with their results.

Your lifestyle will determine whether your results will become undone. Make sure to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.

How much fat can I get removed?

The amount of fat you would like to have removed versus the amount of fat you can safely have removed will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation with Dr.Levine. In most cases, less than 5 litres of fat is removed from the treated area.

Will it hurt?

A 2006 study found that 75% of patients reported mild to moderate levels of discomfort. Tumescent liposuction offers lasting pain relief, so you won’t feel any discomfort shortly after your surgery. Once the anesthesia wears off, you’ll probably be just mildly to moderately uncomfortable. Pain medication will be prescribed which will make your recovery easier.

I just had a baby. Can I get liposuction?

If you recently gave birth, you should wait at least 3 months after delivery before considering plastic surgery. This is to give your body ample time to heal. It is also important to wait until you have stopped breastfeeding for at least 3 months before having liposuction. Hormonal changes that maintain milk supply will also alter a woman’s ability to lose weight during breastfeeding. In many women, a return to normal hormone levels once they have stopped breastfeeding will result in the weight loss they are looking for. Even if weight loss doesn’t happen after you stop breastfeeding, allowing your hormone levels to return to normal will have a profound effect on your liposuction results. Liposuction is often performed with a tummy tuck for your ultimate mommy makeover!

When will I see my results?

You should expect to see your results after about 4 months.

What are the risks of liposuction?

Risks and complications unique to liposuction may include:

  • Bruising
  • Change in skin sensation that may persist
  • Damage to deeper structures such as nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs, and abdominal organs
  • Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Fluid or blood accumulation
  • Irregular contours or asymmetry
  • Persistent swelling
  • Rippling or loose skin, worsening of cellulite

Many of these complications can be avoided by precisely following Dr. Levine’s pre- and post-operative instructions. Even with the potential risks associated with liposuction, the occurrence of complications is extremely low. In a study of over 3500 liposuction patients, there was no incidence of deep thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, hypotension, or respiratory distress. No hematoma (blood pooling under the skin), or damage to adjacent organs occurred. This makes liposuction a statistically safe procedure for a normally healthy adult.

These risks and others will be fully discussed prior to your consent. It is important that you address all your questions directly with Dr. Levine.